Motion Arts Media



After working on several animation and video projects, I wanted to take my business deeper into my passion and the essence of why I do what I do.

My name is Jeremy Sampson. I started Motion Arts Media as a freelance motion graphics company. Now I'm working to take it to new heights.

Today, my work with clients and partners continues alongside creating tools and guidance for the motion graphics community. I do this by providing tutorials, high quality templates, and assets to help make the work process easier for producers and editors.



We give you the tools to create those moments that feel breathless & refreshing; to create the Visuals that make them Remember.



To Inspire creative animations that encourage connecting and sharing.



We help video producers, marketers, and businesses by providing high-quality video templates, assets, and content.


How It All Began

I was 15 when I picked up my first camera. It was a small camcorder that used mini dv tapes made by Panasonic that I found while cleaning out my grandmother's old garage. I had always been very interested in filming but didn't know where to start. As soon as I picked up this camera, I knew where to begin.

Once I got my hands on some mini taps, I started filming, family events, friends, and making short videos.  It wasn't the perfect camera, but it did have great quality if used correctly. Thanks to youtube I was able to learn how to edit and what software fit best for me. I became very passionate and very curious every step of the way. I stayed up late nights just to learn better ways to film, manage lighting, sound, and new editing techniques. I really took it to the limit and my friends were a great help for me.

After about 1 year I started working on paid projects for the first time from doing different events. As my experience grew so did my connections. I started doing projects and working with different people. Working on sets and started to learn how film production really works with hands on experience.

At 17 I was able to get new equipment and a new computer system. I was using Adobe Premiere Pro for all of my editing. I then grew the courage to learn Adobe After Effects. Once again I spent countless hours and sleepless nights trying to learn the basics of creating animations and special fx. I really enjoyed special fx, but I loved 2D animation and motion graphics. I spent a lot of my time animating different creatives and small presentations.

After about 2 years of doing random motion graphics and learning from other professional's experiences online I started finding freelance work with different companies. These were very exciting times for me because I got to work with some great people like Fuse Green who is Spike Lee's art director, and credible foundations like the Arthur M. Blank Foundation. The list goes on after this throughout everything you find on the site.

But, thinking back how it all started. When I found the small camcorder while cleaning grandma's knick knacks, those 4 years of sleepless nights teaching myself, and having great times filming with my friends. To the core I learned about what I really want and what my passion really is throughout these experiences. The passion has always been creating visuals that deliver those emotions of breathless moments. The moments people will always remember.