Shape Shifter Logo Reveal V1

Shape Shifter Logo Reveal V1


Get this template and start creating your awesome shape glitching, frame shattering, logo animation now. This after effects template has a simple, yet powerful, creative set to make any logo stand out giving you and edge over others. Take a peek at our promo video below showcasing the template and the many ways how you can use the Shape Shifter Logo Reveal!

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A Frame Shattering Intro Video

Use this after effects template to produce your custom intro video for your brand, event, promo videos, and much more. Wow you viewers on all your channels giving them the edge they've been longing for. This shape shifting logo reveal will give you the creative spark demanding any viewers attention from the start.


Template Usability

What makes this template very unique is its usability. There are many assets inside this template you can use in many ways for your logo animation, intro video, or other use. One option is you can start your logo animation at any of the 4 points available and end the animation at any of those points. Or you can customize and mix them up!


Template Assets

Glitch Effects, Abstract Animations, Explosion Animations, Creative Elements, Seamless Reveal, and all totally reusable for any other type of animations you need. Take your creativity to heights unkown and discover what stars you can align in your creation.


Shape Shifter Template Workflow

Easily make changes and create an intro video perfect your brand. Use the control settings in the template to adjust colors, opacity, background, and much more.


Template Specs

The best specs made special just for you! You won’t miss any benefit with this template!

Export in Full HD and 4k


Simple Control Settings


No Plugins Required


Simple & Fast Render


Logo & Title Placeholders