4 Years From Now - Barcelona


This is definitely a great event I would say. I know maybe there is a large difference between the corporations and small startups, but the option to join in and bringing fresh new like-minds on the scene adds a bit of a burst to the entire event. Here they held very interesting conferences, keynotes, speakers, and workshops. Startups were able to pitch and compete while many others were able to connect and collaborate. Not only could you see this, but the feeling of energy, connecting, and collaboration was definitely there. I definitely believe it helps most with that purpose when entrepreneurs are beginning to launch or have already launched their startups. Building the bridges could also help or spark interest from the corporations depending on their specific services.

artificial intelligence

There were many talks of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, IoT, and much more with a pretty good selection of some really good speakers and panels. Partly moving and interesting. If you were looking for insights on what companies or startups go through and maybe you art trying to start one of your own, you would definitely get something from this. It was a great time to connect and learn with different people and different startups. There was a great flow of people in and out of the venue, and for the most part many went into several conferences and took part in all the activities.

But, there were 2 things that felt out of place to me, the setup and the innovation. Each startup section was small cubicle made of cardboard and they were all closely packed and knitted together. There were also some platforms, services, or products, that seemed to already exist. As you look up at their name, logo, and statement the feeling you get is one of “I’ve seen this before” then the next feeling is “what kind of logo is this”. I noticed the start-ups with the most interesting name, logo, and statement had the more people talking to them. So definitely it is not the same or even close how the feeling was in the Mobile World Congress, but what do you expect from startups that are just beginning their companies. They aren’t a multi-billion dollar corporation that can afford 1 square meter from 100 thousand euros and build a house on 30 squares. Their energy, words, and determination are enough to understand why their service is working.


I mean just look at Mark Zuckerbergs interview when he was starting to build facebook and only college students used it. He looks just like them. As I went across the startups I realized that many of us always start here, and even though I was no investor, I wanted to understand what they were doing and how they were making a difference. Plus this prepared me to realize what mistakes I should also be aware of which I will put in a later blog post. Questions I asked them, “What is this, what do you do, Why did you start this, is it working, is there proof, you have revenue, any competitors, how are you different, why are you here, are you looking for investors, are you looking for connections, looking for collaborations, what do you need, what are your plan, what are your goals, let’s keep in touch”. Yes, all these questions to the 40 startups I visited throughout the event. This wasn’t even prepared this was just going to understand why.


Many saw the opportunity from a situation they were in and thought more people may need something like this, and they grew it in the beginning states. There were very interesting groups of people which also gave you a lot of insight on different services and why. Some I believe will definitely make it very far, and some I believe I may work with.

It was a great time overall and I really liked the ambience and environment I would definitely love to do it again and meet more people just to connect with them and maybe even help them in some way if possible. I definitely believe that this is an event many beginners in the tech scene should take advantage of. I think you should also hurry to do this. Because the Mobile World Congress contract with Barcelona ends in 2 years. Next Year I hope to see you there and 4 Years From Now!

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