Apple Homepod Video Breakdown

Connecting People Through Creativity, Psychology, and Emotion

I would like to talk about a video that was released by Apple that is very inspiring to me. It’s an amazing ad that we have watched many times over. Even after all the times I’ve seen it, the video still gives me goosebumps. If you haven’t checked it out please do right here!

First of all, I love dancing and using it with the way the film did is just absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed this film and it was definitely inspiring. This fresh smooth up beat tempo with the girl dancing and moving her entire environment all around made me want to change my environment too. Then the Apple Homepod appeared at the end of the video. When I was watching the video for the first time,  I knew it was about Apple, but the moment the video started, I wasn’t even thinking about Apple. I was thinking who the character was and how I could relate. I was also very moved on how she was going into a different world from the previous world around her. Then the homepod appeared at the end of the video and made me remember why I watched this video in the first place.

Definitely, a great promotion to present to their customers. But, what's even better is that the video itself is using specific ways to actually remarket to the previous generation. Creating a video like this is a great way to connect with you audience. I’ve analyzed a few things I’d like to go over and show you how you could create something with the same feel that can touch people the way this did.

This is a must when you want to create a video:

  1. Connect - You need a story that your audience will connect to

  2. Creativity - you need to creatively speak this message in a basic way that touches them strongly

  3. Video Marketing - If you develop something compelling to your audience it will make them want to share it which helps your marketing efforts.

It doesn’t have to be a multimillion dollar production as this video. The only thing is you must plan before hand and know what you are trying to achieve. Then only work towards that goal with a focus on connecting with your audience in a creative way. Here are some basic questions that can help you when you are trying to produce video content for your audience!

  • What do you want to do

  • Who are you connecting with

  • What are their interests, desires, thoughts, or needs that you can connect your product with

  • How do you want to tell this story creatively the compels your audience.

Yes it may seem like a lot, and it is sometimes. But it can be very easy if you think about it very simply. Here is another blog I wrote about this process in detail that can help you but let’s talk more about this HomePod dance video. I want to outline some things from this video.

relevance - Busy Work Life

This is today’s world. It’s more busy, more people, chaotic at times, can be rough. Everyone experiences this at multiple points in their life. This is used in the beginning to get the viewer relate and understand. Everyone knows how life and knock you down hard. So this beginning served for a number of reasons to connect with majority of working class. Also remember, the generation that first used the ipod are grown now. They are more than likely in these very same positions.

Remember Where It Started - Dancing

When apple came out with the ipod they introduced it with people dancing and listening to music. Silhouettes dancing in front of different colors became a great way they connected with their audience. This was the start with the millennial generation and getting them started on a new product from a great brand at an early stage. So with the Homepod promotion video we have the same style that we connected with many years ago except we reminded why we connected with it in the first place from the first scenes in this video. We wanted to get away from the busy life in the world, so we would listen to the music and apple would take us into a different world. Displaying it in a very simple “Play something I like” is relevant to how it was back in the day when the first ipod came out. Reminding people where they came from and where they are now is moving in anyone and they took advantage of this in a creative and beautiful way.

Additional Reinforcement - Colors & Creativity

Apple has always been simple even with its use of different colors. The difference is how it was used creatively within their ads. The same with this video, the colors are within the lines of the walls distorting that is distorting the environment. This type of reinforcement further pushes that connection unconsciously. No one is going to pay attention to every little detail but your brain captures all the information and stores it appropriately. Apple knows what they are doing and the creative mind plays its role.

Environment - Freedom

This video takes you away from the place you are as apple has always done from the beginning. Making life a bit more easy to give you free reign in creative thought. So when the room was distorting at the simplest and smallest demands it’s expressing how their products are and how this Homepod product really is.

Reinforcement - The Mirror Scene

How many people have listened to an ipod and danced in front of the mirror. Almost everyone that used the product. This is how it was before. They are letting you know even though the world is changing, things are happening, everything is progressing, you are still here and you still have control. Except this time you don’t have to worry about the headphones getting in your way while you’re dancing in front of the mirror.

Answer - Homepod

Apple is here to help with anything. Even taking your mind to many different places after a long hard working day in the simplest way possible. So as most of Apple’s ads are simplistic in the end, which is all that is needed, they present the product. The answer to your problems.

Creativity, Psychology, and Emotion

This is video marketing, psychology, unconscious, and conscious emotion moving you. It’s a natural effect because we are human it will touch you in it’s own way. But, what helped tremendously in this is the creativity behind it that helped connect with many different people. Not just connect, but compel many different people. When creating a video that is able to move the viewer is video marketing used at most of its potential. Because you would have to plan different levels that we have analyzed in order to do that.

Marvelous way of telling the story not just what your audience needs so you can make sales, but what your audience needs just to breathe in this crazy world and live. Yes it’s an ad but give them something that’s not wasting or hurting their time. It’s much appreciated from million dollar companies from the users and non-users.

Also I’d like to note when I first saw it I had a thought that there was mostly post production done to create this video, but that wasn't entirely the case. Here is a video of Justin Odisho analyzing and breaking down his thoughts on the video.

And here is also a behind the scenes video of it as well to also give you more thought in how it was made. Of course there are many ways to produce this in After Effects and 3D programs with advanced motion tracking.

Noted Guide To Remember To Help Your Video Production Efforts

  • Creativity, Psychology, and Emotion

  • Audience

  • Relevance

  • Remembrance

  • Reinforcement

  • Freedom

  • Answer

Going through simple process steps can help you a long way in creating the right promotional video for your audiences. Remember keep it simple and it can be done!

I hope you guys found this helpful and some inspiring ideas to spark video marketing ideas, or creative process ideas for your productions. Have any comments or words give me some insight in the comments!

Stay In Motion My Friends!