Croatia VS France - 2018 World Cup Finals Motion Graphics Animation

Fifa World Cup Animation

The World Cup this year was just intense and amazing. Especially the final between Croatia and France. France took it all with a 4 - 2 score against Croatia an amazing game with amazing players.

Starting from the beginning of the World Cup I was completely wrong who I thought would make it to the finals. I first thought it may be Brazil, then Spain, at one point Russia, then United Kingdom. It's so difficult trying to figure out who would win or make it. Don't bet on this stuff guys.

For this event I made 2 animations of their team's logos using liquid style animations in after effects. 

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The time when all the best teams in the world go against each other. Its interesting  seeing how the players perform for such a feat. You begin to see another side of players when they compete against each other for the World Cup.

France and Croatia have a lot of great players on the team. But, overall when I see them play it's more about team work, who stays focused, and who has the most faith and heart along with their team. Pair that with  skill from each player and you will see an amazing performance.


They way Croatia has been playing seems like they deserved to win, but the way they were playing in the finals wasn't the same as going against the other teams. I can imagine the pressue, but they always seemed to have a strong burning desire that kept them winning. There were some gaps in their skill and the team work amongst themselves. France seemed to win in that area of team work between the players.

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I wanted to go for Croatia, but I wasn't feeling their vibe as much as the French team before the finals. So I was rooting for Les Bleus! My wife had been hoping Croatia would win every game when they were close to the finals because they never won a World Cup before. But, she is originally french, so when France made it to the finals she couldn't back down from supporting France.

Plus 3 of the players that played on the French team were from her home country, Cameroon. I've been watching a lot of Cameroonian players and they do some of the most amazing things with the skill they have. In fact many of them that scored lead the path to get into the finals. But, this is the main reason my wife had to go for France.


Overall it was  great to watch. This is my first World Cup experience and keeping up with it like I used to keep up with American Football from the US. Watching these soccer players has me on the edge sometimes and it can be very emotional. Great games, great players, great experience!

Hope you guys enjoyed the animated gifs, and the World Cup this year!

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