Celebrating Fourth of July - Happy Independence Day

Fouth of July

This is exactly what I always do. The best thing about 4th of July. Ribs, nothing but good ole southern smoked ribs. I'm starting to miss them so bad.

Happy fourth of July guys and hope you enjoyed your Independence Day! Here are some cool animations I made using some motion graphic skills I been working on for a long time! I wanted to make something nice for the holidays too so!

Fourth Of July Animated Gif

If you want to share this gif anywhere you can find it on my website on here:  Happy Fourth of July


Hope you enjoy the firework animations I made for the 4th of July holiday! I've been sharing a lot of my little animation work around now. They are blowing up on Giphy. If you want to check out more of our 4th of July gifs just click on the links or the images in the blog post. We have them on our website! Also, you can find them in Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook stories if you want to use the in cool ways. Search for Motion Arts Media or Stay in Motion.


Well I am sure there are plenty of things happening the day of 4th of July. To name a few things you can do:

  • Eat! - This is the very first thing I would do! Barbeque Ribs man!

  • Shoot Fireworks with some friends - I'm not sure where you would get fireworks, but trust me they will be everywhere

  • Go to a local Event - Many open doors for holidays especially fourth of july. I'm sure you can find many places even with discounts this day.

  • Spend time with Family - Family matters most. It's important to spend holidays with family. I love to spend the quality time, especially when food is around.

  • Go To A National Event - This you may have to plan ahead of time, but maybe there is a performance, or a game you want to go see. Find differente events online and see what you would like to do!

  • Have a cook out - Okay, I know I've been bombarding you with food this whole time. But, listen, Have A COOK OUT! If you don't have anything else in mind be sure to eat! Whether at home or at a resturant do something! You gotta enjoy!


Here is the source of this gif as well - Happy Independence Day

I love Independence Day, mainly because of the food, but another side of me thinks how many people to togther and really fought for freedom. Not just in 1776, on many occasions. To break away and be free to go our own path, grow and progress. This is what America is about.

That feeling is the same feeling that’s in every American throughout any path we choose. Even though there are still problems out there in the US, I and many others have hope and drive to make it better for many others, as many others did before us.

I know, I'm getting a little off topic, and a bit patriotic. But, let me know what you think about the visuals. I really like this gif I made for 4th of July for these many different reasons. Telling a small brief story with images. But having a lot meaning within it. I've made a lot of these animations into motion graphic templates. Making them in after effects has made it easy to use them in different ways.

Hope you guys enjoy the gifs and images. I'll keep up the work and more video content for you guys!

Stay in Motion!


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