The Kentucky Derby - Horse Racing Video


I am always doing some kind of animations, and I made a cool animation for the Kentucky Derby horse race transitioning between different jokeys! Every year It’s held in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, the first Saturday in May. It is the final horse race of the 2 week long festival. I used a plugin called duik for the animation of the horse and a small bit of rotoscoping. It was a process, but it came out pretty good. I hope you enjoy it.


I had to watch different videos of horse racing and see how they move. Paying attention to the jokeys was also important for this animation. I’m not to big on character animation although I have a good amount of experience in it. I’m usually enjoying creating transitions between different designs. But this was actually very fun. I think it was very enjoyable to watch all the horse racing videos. I’ve never ridden a horse, now I want to get into riding them one day.

I’ve never been to the race, but I remember seeing this when I was younger. It’s an extremely popular event here in the US, but I am not to sure how popular it is worldwide. I read that it’s usually called “The Run for the Roses” because the winner is draped in a bed of roses. It’s also known as the most exciting 2 minutes of all sports games as that is the duration. The race has been going on for a very long time, since 1875.


I like watching sports, and as I keep finding more interesting things around me, more than likely I’m going to try to make and small motion graphic for it.

If you want you can check out more cool videos below on my blog!

Thanks guys! Stay In Motion!