How To Make Great Videos From Your Mobile Phone


Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well! Here I want to show you some different things you can do to make amazing videos straight from your phone. Whether iPhone video, or Android video it’s all the same. Well not entirely, but it all can be just as simple. Here are some simple tips that you should consider to make very nice videos from your phone. Below is a video where I’m showing different techniques you could use and putting these tips into action!

First, I’d like to show you some videos that I have made completely from my iPhone. Get your video to come out crystal clear and sharp as these films I’ve produced, and you can be on your way to creating great quality content.


It takes a bit of effort, but not too much, especially if you follow the video tips below. Also if you want to know more of this video we produced, you can view our portofolio piece AYANNA LOOKS - EXOTIC SUMMER COLORS - PROMO VIDEO.

Now whether you use an iPhone or and Android to make your video there are some slight differences that I would go into detail on another blog. But, these are the main things you need to be concerned about so that your video can come out looking sharp and clean.



Lighting For Mobile Video

Lighting is very important when it comes to mobile devices. The cameras aren’t completely great, but can produce nice simple videos if the area is well lit. Using the natural sunlight is the absolute best. On bright sunny days you can go out and capture shots anywhere! Especially on the iPhone. From the video above that I produced it was on a very sunny day. Your angles of shots should also be in the direction where the light is shining upon your subject. Not when the light is facing the opposite direction. This will make shadows all over your subject.

If it’s a cloudy day stay away! I recommend only using your mobile device to make videos only when there is a sufficient amount of light around. You don’t want to film, edit, and waste all your time just to make a crappy video. You want to get the best for less effort. In order to fix that you must absolutely have great lighting.



B-Rolls & Creative Shots

When you have enough light, you can scratch that off your list of worries. Now you can be free to be completely creative. Everything is at your fingertips, but to keep you from wasting time and filming unnecessary things, you need to have an idea of what kind of shots you want to make.

When I am making a simple video and keep the entire production process SIMPLE. When I film myself talking, like the video below, I will also take shots of the environment that complements the message I am trying to deliver. In this case it was shots of the beach. Yours might be something more motivational or encouraging. Regardless of the theme, you need to plan to film simple creative shots.

Most of the time I am creative with the different movements of my b-roll shots when it comes to mobile videos. iPhone and Android video processing and frames per second has gotten more sophisticated to make smooth easy shots. This you can take advantage of greatly and create some amazing movements from your shots. Still you must be steady when you are holding the camera but you can make some amazing videos using this technique!




When you make videos of you talking to your viewers it speaks tremendously to your audience! The lighting makes it look good, the creative shots make it awesome, your personality helps connect. This is the 3rd key to making simple videos that are amazing completely on your iPhone.

When you are speaking remember you do not have any recording equipment. We are trying to keep this as simple as possible. You want to be close enough to the camera and use all the other noise in the background as natural environment! If you speak loud and clearly the background noise will be part of the video bringing your viewers closer into what you are talking about.

Never be shy when talking to the camera or being filmed. All people want to see is you and your personality. You don’t want to have any blocks hiding yourself from others. Just be yourself, even if you mess up you can edit all within your phone. Because it’s a simple video you can edit the video according to the good parts of the video that have good speech. This also makes it simpler because you don’t even need a script.



There are a few other things you need, like background music or some editing skills, but if you follow these three video tips above in the best way, the sound in the background will be natural and the editing can easily be done with editing software on your phone. For the music in the background there are different people online that you can collaborate with and use great music!

Check out our list of Mobile Apps For Video Editing if you are interested in different editing programs to make videos completely on your mobile device!

Okay guys I hope this was helpful for you all! Show me some cool videos you’ve made!

Stay In Motion!