Mobile World Congress - Barcelona

Can I just start this blog out by saying… WOW! I’ve never been to an event like this one before. If I had to come up with one word for this congress, it would probably be 30 words for every square meter each of those corporate houses were built on to look awesome and make amazing deals throughout the four days of the event. This is something you want to definitely be a part of. Especially in Barcelona! Listen, the contract with Barcelona ends in 2 more years with the Mobile World Congress. You have 2 chances to make a change in your life. I mean I’m not an advertiser, but it’s something you want to experience in Barcelona of all cities around the world. There is no place like Barcelona. But, then again, after the 2 years they are said to move to Dubai, so that experience will probably be off the charts too. I can imagine every executive taking a drone taxi to the conference or something of that caliber. Ok, enough with the rant, or expression of complete awesomeness. 


It was sheer innovation almost to the highest level at the Mobile World Congress. The venue Fira Gran Via was much larger than what Google Maps could ever make it appear as. Spain really knows how to use its space. There were eight enormous halls and well over 1000 corporations with an impressively large stage. It’s almost like love at first sight, you know when you see the love of your life and your heart stops and skips a couple beats but you still feel the beating in your chest. Yea, that. Especially Samsung Galaxy stage. Wow! I would say their interaction, and the new S9 Galaxy almost made me want to throw my iphone in the trash. I’m sorry let me continue with this or this blog will never get done.


Hall 1

There were 8 Halls! 8 Grand Halls of Glory! I just can’t stop. Each of these halls seems to be like half the height of a football stadium with double the length.

The first hall was more of a B2B hall presenting high-tech, 5G, cloud servicing, telecommunications to many different kinds of services businesses would love in almost every industry. The robotics was extremely amazing in this place. They definitely pinned down the optimization and precession. This was beyond anything I would ever think and I’m amazed at the creative technological minds that put this entire thing together to work so seamlessly. Beyond that point was the one, the only: the Great Huawei. We weren’t able to use our phones in their tour, that took 45 minutes to wait in a long line unless you had an invitation. To sum up their tour: they are bringing 5G technology and fast fiber optics to enhance video, content, mobile, and communications for all consumers at a very efficient and affordable level by the end of this year. Producing televisions that can actually support 8k. Not 4k, but 8k. Which was super clear, crisp, and clean when they were showing this on their extremely large curved TV.


Hall 2

The buildings in this hall, you heard right, the buildings, were mesmerizing. I mean they basically built a whole house just for meetings. They were all very interesting and attractive. Most of these were only for meetings and not open to the public. This is where the big deals are made on brand new services or products rolling out within the upcoming year. What a perfect place to meet, connect, and make deals. It was a bit of inspiration to see all of this. Some of the stages were actually designed very well. My favorite was the stage by Brightstar. I think I will never forget the design of this one in this particular hall. I continued throughout the hall just to see all the different styles of meeting rooms they had available here. But, it wasn’t so much that it could keep me too focused and staying stationary. After this, I continued on to the next hall.


Hall 3

This was the jaw dropper. Massive stages with tons interactive opportunities and amazing presentations of different services and products. A ton of robotics and VR to take part in. Some notable stages I have clear memory of, those of Telefonica, Intel, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, IBM, and of course Nokia which basically built its own High-Tech Village. But the one stage that amazed me and I will never forget, The Galaxy Stage. The absolute best. Just, do yourself a favor and watch the video, because a picture can only hold 1000 words, not 10k, and every picture I took just wasn’t enough. The phones were also amazing. Like I said, Android made me completely forget about my iphone, which I love, but man Apple you need to do something. Because if the S9 touched me like this, that means you guys messed up. But, yes the presentation of their mobile phones was definitely amazing.

I enjoyed and loved the experience and all the features that the phone has. One thing that just amazes me so much. The picture and 960 fps. 960 Frames Per Seconds. Just wow. I hope it has enough space. They know I love videos. This hall was probably one of the longest halls there with so much inside. It basically was a fair straight out of a high tech anime, the high-tech fair of your dreams. I tried to take as many pics and videos as I could and I don’t even think I could put everything in this one blog.

CS Hall – Congress Hall

This was the place where all the top growing startups were held. There was a plethora of  interesting startups that I got to connect with, and get to know. They all had their specific fields and great solutions to several areas in different industries. This was definite inspiration added on top of what I had already experienced from the previous halls. Again, this is all something you can learn from. Amazing startups and amazing people.



Hall 4 - 8

This hall connected to the others of  5, 6, 7, and 8. They contained a lot of interactive places that you could play different kinds of games and experience VR. In Hall 5 we went for a conference talking about The Future of AI. To make a long story short: AI will take your jobs. But, not all the jobs. In fact, one thing the panel stated is that in the next 15 years AI will be a thing replacing old jobs, but would still need those same people to manage them. But, this means that the previous workers would need data experience which the company would have to teach it’s employees. They also stated that right now they don’t know what to actually call those positions. There are things that AI can solve much fast than we can, but the jobs that will be created to manage the systems are not completely known. But it is good to have experience in computer science, data science, and programming. After that, we continued throughout hall 6, 7, and 8, which were all more of the same with big stages, but small than the others.


Being in the environment is a major gain from this event. Actually, just attending this conference has taught a lot. Making different connections to loads of people, and seeing the new technologies that will soon be rolling out is definitely amazing. I had an awesome experience and I hope to be there for the next event. I hope this was able to you give enough information to know what this event was all about and I hope I was able to inspire you a bit from the photos and video in this blog. Watch it, Enjoy, Like, Share, and Comment. Thank you all for reading!

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