Happy Mother's Day Holiday Greetings Animation


Happy Mother’s Day!

How many of you have amazing mothers! I have the most amazing mom in the world, and I am so proud to have her. This holiday I thought it would be great if we all let our mothers know that she is the best mom a child could have. So, I wrote this small poem and made this animated video in honor of all the amazing mothers. I think it is very nice and touching! Happy Mother's Day!

These are gifs so you can share them anywhere and use them as ecards for some really good holiday wishes. Also I would like to let you know. We have an account on giphy, so if you want more holiday videos and animations created by us, all you have to do is type in @motionartsmedia or use our #stayinmotion hashtag to find our work. We will be making a lot more soon.

I think sending this video with a small poem would be a great Mother’s Day gift idea. A nice poem and a video loving video. I did half the work, so maybe you can write a small 4 liner. Something nice and sweet to adore your mom with letting her know you always remember all that she has done, or maybe something that brings back young memories from a long time ago that’s always nice to have a good laugh about. I still remember those days. Even until now. Great Times!

Regardless, it’s your holiday! All of you amazing mothers deserve everything! We wouldn’t be anywhere without our moms. So, I want to thank you for all you have done, what you are doing, and continue to do. I will always support my mom in anything.

More cool gifs at giphy. Search #stayinmotion or @motionartsmedia

More cool gifs at giphy. Search #stayinmotion or @motionartsmedia



Mother’s Day Quotes and Poems

So, I will leave a little gift for you guys that need to send something to your moms. Here are a few poems coming from the top of my mind right now.

The life you see now, Was provided by you
Your love and your strength, Made me the best through you
You taught me so much
You guided me through
No other is better
Than a mother like you
A mother’s love
Is the best in the world
Nothing can replace it
Not gold, diamonds, or pearls
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I’m still washing dishes
… it just reminds me of you
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
My mom is the best
Mother of two
The boy/girl that you see, Has grown up now
And it’s because of you, Giving life to this child
More cool gifs at giphy. Search #stayinmotion or @motionartsmedia

More cool gifs at giphy. Search #stayinmotion or @motionartsmedia

I hope they are of some use, or helps you come up with any other great poetic ideas, and you can share any of the videos on this blog post. Here are some gifs that you can share if you want to send them! Hope you all have a great time spending quality time with your mothers!

Also, on another note. I think the best speech I ever heard anyone deliver to their mom was Kevin Durant when he delivered is MVP speech. Just the last minute or two summed up everything. Momma you are the REAL MVP!

Hope you enjoyed this read!

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