6 Websites for Motion Graphics Inspiration

motion graphics inspiration

These websites are great for finding motion graphics inspiration. The material on them are fresh, current, and they continuously add new content topics for every day or week. So surely these are sites that you can trust very well.

Everyone always comes to a block during design and animation process. Especially when you are trying to think what is the best way you can represent the story in movements and transitions. I’ve also been able to spark some kind of new inspiration or idea taking about 30 minutes browsing on these different inspiring websites.


I feel this is the number one website for motion graphics inspiration. I didn’t think this would be my top pick for inspiration until I started using it, and I’m sure many of us know this website, but at many times I think it is very underrated for what you can really find.

I’ve found many simple animations on almost every topic that is at least design oriented, and it hasn’t failed me yet. This is my go to website for motion graphics inspiration. You can search many topics and save the images to your profile on a board of your choice. That way you can come back and view the material many times encouraging more great ideas from simple content. This I would say is the most valuable asset for inspiration.

If you want you can also check out Motion Arts Media Pinterest Boards, we pin cool and inspriring videos of motion graphics, kinetic typography, UX animation, and more.




What is Dribbble? If you don’t know it is a platform full of professionals that are engaged within the community showcasing quality content from projects or just the share really good material. Looking for motion graphic content is fairly easy.

Once you search on your topic you will see images with the GIF label and you can find great simple motion designs and short animations that can help you develop new ideas. Even Dribbble is a strong platform within this list there are few topics that has no motion graphic content.

This shows more opportunity for you to create it and show off your work, or maybe you could create a trend and develop a story on a particular topic. Regardless this is an amazing place to find loads of inspiration.




This is a solid website where you can find great video & motion graphics work that can spark fresh golden nuggets for you. You get to hear directly from the artists viewing the description of their work and how they did it. I think you have more connection to understanding the artist and/or the group that created the material.

This I think is special in the sense that it helps you educate yourself from understanding creative thought processes from other individuals. Understanding thought processes and inspiration is a great combination to building and creating your next video graphic idea!



An amazing website to find motion graphics inspiration for all the motion designers out there. This website showcases different trailers from movies, tv, netflix, and more. They also showcase the artist and provide information of creating the work of art. It's a very attractive place to find interesting and inspiring material. When you need a bit of creativity in your thoughts this is a great place to check out!

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Behance has always been a place to find great material in all areas of design. From art to font to creative images including animation and motion graphics. There was even a special page created by Behance just to build motion graphics inspiration in the community.

The gallery is called Motion and it’s a nice how many of the artist present their work. There are all kinds of visuals in this page with a centered focus on animated images. Go here and you are bound to find some creative inspirations.




I wanted to add this also because there are many IG profiles that share a lot of great work. One of them being @motiongraphicscollective including many others. At Motion Graphics Collective they shocase creative videos from many different artist that post their work on facebook. I think this is a great community to follow or be part of. Also, when you follow the #motiongraphics hashtag you will find many animations that can surely get the wheels turning in your own mind!



Hopefully I’ve provided some interesting sites to add in your bookmark or to keep up with and gather new inspiring ideas. Do you have any other websites that provide inspiring material? Let me know!

Stay In Motion!