Sant Jordi Holiday Greeting Animation


Hi guys! Happy Weekend! So I created this animation for the very popular holiday in Catalunya, Sant Jordi! This day people will be passing around roses and books to each other. The men go get roses for the women, and the women get the books for the man. But, many don’t know the story of Sant Jordi. So, I will share to you this story and the next time you are in Barcelona, or anywhere in Catalunya, April 23rd is the date! So here is the story!

Once upon a time along time ago, in a town called Montbau of Catalunya, there was a fierce dragon that was upon the land. The people of Montbau tried to keep the dragon away from the city by feeding the dragon cattle every day. This way the dragon wouldn’t come and attack the city. But then, the cattle became scarce and there wasn’t any more left in the city. After that, they decided to offer human sacrifices to save the people of the city. People were randomly chosen and there came a time when it was the princess of Montbau who was to be the next sacrifice was.

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi

She was going to give herself up to the dragon to save the people. That day she went to the dragon to sacrifice herself. The dragon emerged from the dark cave to devour the princess, but then there came a knight. A knight named Jordi. He wore a white costume, carrying a strong shield both with the print of a red cross, and carrying a magnificent sword. Before the dragon could take the princess he attacked the dragon cutting deeply into his right hand to save the princess.

The dragon put all of his focus on Jordi and brought about an enormous fireball. Jordi used his shield to defend himself although he was knocked from his horse. The dragon let out a loud roar as Jordi arose from the ashes to protect the princess. The huge dragon some him rise and began to muster up another large fireball. Jordi then darted quickly towards it. Moving faster than anyone had ever seen.  The fireball was released directly in front of Jordi, but then he jumped to the right side sliding under the chest of the dragon. He then thrust his sword as hard as possible stabbing him into his heart.

The dragon screamed in pain falling to the ground. The princess came embracing her savior. Next, the impossible happened, the blood flowing from the dragon’s heart sprouted a rose tree. This tree continuously drank the blood as it hit the ground. As it drank the blood brilliant red roses appeared until all the blood was gone.

Jordi then approached the tree, carefully avoiding the spines, took the largest and most beautiful rose and gave it to the princess.

This is why on this day Catalan men give their princesses a red rose. As for the books. I still haven’t figured that part out. Maybe it’s just to continue to tell the story! Hope you liked the animation! Let me know what you think. See you next time friends

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