International Women's Day

Women's Day Animated Gif

Every time a holiday comes by I need to make something for it! Here is an animation I produced for our women in the world! You are truly amazing in all that you do, and definitely very inspiring in so many ways. You will always and forever have my support! My wife, a lot of women in my family, and relatives never cease to amaze me. You all do such a great job in many things that I am very proud of. So, in honor of your day I wanted to make this animation. Something we all can share to show support of our women in many ways!

International Woman's Day Gif
woman design

I got a lot of inspiration from my wife when I made this animation. She is very strong minded, intellegient, driven, hard working, loving, and has an immense amount of determination. She's always focused on being someone who can encourage and motivate others. In fact, if you want to check out more about her she has a website CrownitUp that is geared towards inspiring young women of color that they can achieve their dreams and goals. Who she is inspired me to create this animation and I hope it is great for all the wonderful women in the world making a difference!


In this motion graphics video, I wanted to make an image of a woman walking forward. I felt like this was a good way to describe the change women are doing to make a difference in this world. In the video we also placed words of confident meaning showing the true express of these different women in today’s world.

I myself have been inspired from many different women throughout my life. There was much I learned an continue to learn. You definitely deserve it all and I congratulate you on all you have achieved! Hope you enjoy the video!

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