Barcelona City Free Icons


Free Icons of the Most Popular Buildings in Barcelona, Spain! Use them for your personal designs, edits, animations and more. If you have ever been to Barcelona you more than likely remember these four prominent buidlings. I created these and used them in different animaitons you can find further below. I want to share these awesome simple designs with you! 


Whats In This Asset?

  • 4 images in PNG format designs of the towers: Hotel Arts, Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar, W-Hotel


  • License: Free Item's License - See License Page for info.

  • Formats: PNG

  • Alpha Channel: YES

  • File Size: 83.6 KB

  • Number of Items: 4



Feel Free To Share

If you find it useful feel free to post it, blog about it, tweet about it, and share it with the world. Please provide a link to the source of the free icon designs. Please share your production with me in the comments I would love to see it!



Animations Using Barcelona City Free Icons

I first started to create these from the Barcelona animation I made from the Sant Joan event. After animating many times over I thought maybe there are others that would want to use these for something as well. I couldn't stop creating irresistable visuals with the icons.

Sant Joan Gif

I eventually just decided to stick with an animation that represented the entire city instead of just the Sant Joan holiday. So I customized a few details and added the Barcelona city name instead of the holiday name. It seemed to fit very well with the entire vibe of the city.

Barcelona animated gif

Although even beyond this I continued making different visuals for the icons. They all came out very well to design and animate in different ways. There are many ways you can use these building designs and if you feel like I feel about Barcelona you will definitely have a lot of ideas.

Barcelona City Gif

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Hope you enjoy these free icons, and if you haven't be sure to take a visit to Barcelona to experience this for real.

Thanks guys, Stay In Motion!