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A template for Video Producers, Content Marketers, Marketing Professionals, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs. Create the best video to connect with your target audience in the strongest way. A Video Plan makes your Video Perfect!


  • Essential Video Production Tool - This video planner template is perfect in preparing your video for a simple production!

  • Action Plan When Producing Video - Provideds you with the best video treatment template and video production plan for any kind of video!

  • Best Communicate Your Message - The Script Outline in this template makes you aware of what needs to be communicated to resonate with your audience to target leads directly!

  • Cut down production time - Time is money this template saves money!

  • Stay Ready For Future Video Content - This video guide offers production styles, tips, and examples making it easier to plan your creative brief for current & future projects!


Whats In This Asset?

  • A 5 Page Video Planning PDF to help you plan the best video perfect for your audience!


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Plan For A Simple Production

The template is prepared for all types of producers. In all it will help make your video production a lot more simple. Whether you need to make a production with no budget or full budget, or produce a simple mobile video recorded on your phone to a full Motion Graphics Presentation. This guide preps you for all cases, and no experience is needed!


“This was a video I produced for a fashion brand called Ayanna Looks. It was a simple presentation video filmed completely on the iPhone following the tips from this template.”


Best Communicate Your Message

When producing video content for promotional purposes you want to be sure you present the right message for your audience and more importantly your potential leads to help increase conversions. In the promo video below I was able to extract the right info to produce a guide to help with production. This cut our time for production in half and helped us produce a great promo video.


“This is the promo video I created introducing Harbour Space University. We used an Interview Style Production, outlined in the video planning template, to deliver their message to future students who were interested in progressing their knowledge.”


Your Action Plan For Future Projects

You will know how to plan ahead for any type of video project making the pre-production process super fast. This will give you understanding of what you want in the video, how it should be presented to your audience to target leads, and what style would fit the message being delivered.


“For this piece I produced, there was no script, or any resources, just an idea for the project. I took that idea and outlined a complex rough script in the template. Following the tips listed from the template, I made a motion graphic presentation to make complex information easier to understand.”

Cut Down Production Time

The best part is the time it will save you. This will allow you to save money and easily prepare and foucs on what matters in your video campaigns. You will be able to produce more at an easier and more managable pace, or stay at a steady pace. Either way it places you in a great position to produce constant video content!

You will find this very useful throughout all your content production strategies. Enjoy the video planning template!

Stay In Motion!