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Fuse Green - Graphic Design, Art Direction

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks



This was a great project I got to work on with another inspiring individual, Fuse Green. Fuse is an amazing creative director and artistic designer. He worked on many different name brand products and is known from being Spike Lee’s Art Director. We connected and I worked with him by bringing to life one of his illustrations in a motion graphic video.

This motion graphic presentation was created for Spike Lee’s brand 40 acres & A Mule. It’s a 1-minute motion graphic animation using mainly a kinetic style in motion. In this video we produced the animations and motion design elements bringing to life the artwork of Fuse Green. He was the creative director of the illustrations and designs.

We wanted to add energetic motion elements into the presentation video. To do this we incorporated a small kinetic motion with the images bringing out more of a motivating feeling from the motion graphic video.

It was a great experience working with Fuse, he is definitely a great artist. I wanted to put his work into motion but also delivering the expression and vibe of Brooklyn. With his elements I focused on telling a story and go through different environments that we illustrated in fuses art work. It came out very well and I had a great time producing this video presentation.

When you want to present an idea to anyone you want to make sure you create compelling work. Video is a very strong form of content, and you will reach the goals you are looking for when you create a compelling story that is able to connect with your audience. Creating content as this is a great way to reach out to your audience or build awareness on a particular product. If you need any help with your video content contact us!

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