Napolian Barnes "Unleashed" Album Relsease Promo Video

Creative Direction

Motion Design


This was a promo video we produced for the EMG Christian music artist Napolian Barnes UNLEASHED album release party! Napolian Barnes is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has a lot of great music and performs a lot, you should definitely check him out. This video was to promote his album, and to increase awareness online about his music.

We wanted to create animations in the video that were similar to his words. In the production of this video we started with understanding the story we wanted the viewers to connect. This was very important for the music as well. You want to make sure that whatever visuals you are delivering that the message in the music goes hand in hand with the visuals. This will better the retention of your viewers when you create visuals that have the same meaning as the music.

In the music it was taking your through a story of his life with god. With this in mind we decided to create lighting effects of traveling in a fast pace throughout the background of the video to give more of a fast journey effect. In that we also presented different photographed pictures of Napolian with the title of the song below. So this way people would be in tune to his music and feel how God is making the changes and taking charge in his life.

After we had the idea we began producing using After Effects. We synced the effects and transitions with the songs to flow properly and we were able to create a great promo video for his event. As a good note, when you are creating any type of video You want to be sure that you are creating the right visuals that deliver the message in the same way the music within the video is, and also vice versa. This will allow an easy way to deliver your message and communicate properly. If you need any help on something like this as well just contact us!

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