Ayanna Looks - African Wax Prints Social Video

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This was an Informative Social Video we produced for a starting ecommerce company called Ayanna Looks. Ayanna Looks is a clothing brand in Paris, France operated by Gess Tchicaya. There they sell modern style clothing mixed with African designs and fabrics. In this video we created, we wanted to provide more information of the continuously trending and popular topic about African styles and designs. They always provided images to their audiences talking about different designs from the clothing styles in Africa, but we new with video being the most dominant form of content it would be great to provide the information this way. So we began to produce videos as this one giving interesting information on African prints and designs in clothing. The focus of this social video was to build awareness of Ayanna Looks and their clothing styles that have been the most attractive. This video would produce leads that would purchase.

First, we gathered information from them on the different types of prints and designs. We then organized this information with pictures and video we produced in their AYANNA LOOKS – EXOTIC SUMMER LOOK PROMO VIDEO. We took this and animated the information to be delivered to their audience. After we prepared the content we then targeted specific audiences within the area using Facebook Insights and published the video within different communities and groups on Facebook focused on this topic.

Without promotion we were able to drive people to engage and purchase completely on Facebook. The customers were all locals within the area as well. By mixing images and videos that we produced from the clothing Ayanna Looks focused to sell with films of creating fabric prints we were able to build awareness and engage with many that were interested in African prints. Targeting was more easily reached because the active groups were already our targeted audience. Customers came to the Facebook page and purchase directly from the Facebook market place.

This was great working with Ayanna Looks and was definitely a great experience! If you need help with reaching your audience with videos in creative ways contact us!

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