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This was a great video project working with Ayanna Looks! Ayanna Looks is a clothing brand in Paris, France operated by Gess Tchicaya. They sell modern style clothing mixed with African designs and fabrics. She flew from Paris to Barcelona, Spain and we filmed the promo video in Badalona beach. With this video we wanted to showcase some of the popular clothing from their summer collection. We had 3 models that were being filmed for the video in different locations of the beach. The models were from London, Barcelona, and Paris. Dressed in summer clothes and swimwear, we were able to create a great video to promote the clothing and build awareness to Ayanna Looks.

On this particular video we filmed the entire promo video on the iPhone and in slow motion. On this project we were able to go with the lightest equipment possible. Even though we were filming with only the capabilities on the iPhone we had to make sure the day had enough natural lighting from the sun in order for the footage to come out very good. The audio wasn’t an issue it was something that wasn’t needed in this promo video. However, we were sure to film in different locations to get more or a creative look in the story. We focused on using slow motion throughout the video because we wanted the viewers to see the beautiful designs and prints in the clothing.

We have a detailed blog post of HOW TO MAKE AWESOME VIDEOS FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE if you want to check out more info on our filming strategy to get great quality in a simple way.

After we filmed we created a logo animation for the video as well. In this animation we wanted to give the same feel and vibe that was in the video. In this we actually coded the animation in a program called Processing. You can check out more details of that in AYANNA LOOKS LOGO ANIMATION.

From this we were able to create a great promo video for Ayanna Looks summer collection. It was a great time filming near the beach in great Barcelona weather. Definitely something that was enjoyable! If you find anything we produce useful just contact us and we can help you too!

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