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Arthur M. Blank Foundation


This was a great project we worked on for an amazing organization, The Arthur M. Blank Foundation. The foundation focus is to promote positive change in peoples’ lives by building and helping to enhance the communities they live in. We produced a motion graphic presentation reflecting their purpose, ambition, and focus to the people of their community. This is a 2-minute animation presentation we exposed what their foundation focuses on achieving.

We produced the entire piece ranging from Storyboarding, Art Direction, Illustrations, Design, Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics & Animation. We used the different elements to tell their story and delivering their message in a creative way that would easily be understood by their audiences. The goal of this video was to build awareness and leave an imprint in the community saying that you have someone you can trust in to help you achieve your goals.

We wanted to get people motivated to join their efforts and become part of the movement. In the animation we presented the different efforts they do to help better people in different ways. We also presented in simple ways how it was done. All the viewers would see the video and understand how the foundation helps and would be motivated to take part in their different programs. This motion graphic video was made for a presentation as well as for their website.

It was a great experience working on this project with them. Motion Graphic Presentations are a great way to reach out to your different audiences. Presentation is key to get people to understand your goals, motives, and actions. We love to help others tell their stories in creative ways. This helps increase awareness of your brand, generate leads, build trust and credibility. If you need help or would like to have motion graphic videos and compelling video content for your brand or company contact us!

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