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Chemistry to Energy - Award Winning Presentation


This was a great project we were able to take part in and test our skills amongst other video producers! We were contacted to take part in a competition of providing the best video for this particular topic of how you can use Chemistry for Energy. This competition was held on Zooppa’s website platform and hosted by the American Chemistry Council. We accepted the offer created a nice animation that explains the main points of the message. We kept the entire video simple in order to deliver the complex information we received. Later on, throughout the competition we were notified that we won 3rd place in the competition Chemistry to Energy chosen by the American Chemistry Council! It was a great competition and experience!

We produced all the elements in this motion graphics video for the competition. We gathered out thoughts with the message provided to us and we made a creative outline containing different scenes with a script to tell the story and deliver the message in an easy way. We then focused on different keywords from the scenes and developed designs for each particular scene using the keywords. After developing the scenes and designs we animated each scene in the video. Finally, we made fluid transitions between the different parts of the scenes. With this we were able to create a seamless motion graphic video presenting how chemistry works to produce energy.

This was a great project to work on and was great to compete with all the other video producers in the contest. This video went to also being used for the American Chemistry Council in the presentations and hosted on their website. It made a great online video to showcase to their viewers and partners.

This is the process we go through when we are developing motion graphic videos and presentations. Your Message, Design The Message, and Animate. 3 Steps to creating great videos for your brand to use for your viewers and audiences. If you need anything contact us!

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