Crossroads Christian Church

Art Direction

Motion Graphics



In this project we produced a logo animation for the Crossroads Christian Church. Crossroads Church is an organization and their mission is to Connect People to God and to One Another.


They have many places of worship under their organization, and they needed something for their films they were producing for their services. We were contacted and we worked on a logo animation for the organization to use on all of their produced videos. This animation went to also be used online and television during their services and events.

When creating this animation, we had to understand who and what Crossroads Christian Church was, their mission, and of course what kind of logo animation they were looking for. After doing initial research and communication we came up with a 3D type animation that would look very good to use for all of their videos promotions. We then started designing and editing.

We took the logo and broke it down. We took the elements from the logo and added 3D depth in the words. As for the cross we used light effects to bring it to life. We used a 3D camera to capture the whole scene and expose the depth of the words. Along with all of this we added soft light overlays to give it a pure touch.

This logo animation came out very well for the organization, it was a great project to work on as well. If you need a logo animation don’t hesitate to contact us!

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