Dothan City Schools - We Are Dothan - Motion Graphics Presentation Video

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Dothan City Schools

Addy Award winner - Silver Plaque Award & Judges First Choice Award

We produced this large-scale motion graphic presentation video for the Dothan City School System working with Scenic Cable Production. Dothan City School focuses on providing public education to the entire city of Dothan, Alabama. This video and all the elements were produced by the Motion Arts Media team. The entire piece ranging from Storyboarding, Art Direction, Illustrations, Design, Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics & Animation. we wanted to encourage all workers and employees of the efforts that they have made.

We wanted them and viewers to know that “We Are Dothan”, we are proud of it, and we a strong in our belief to make great positive changes within our city. So in this presentation video we gave a great motivational and inspiring feeling to all the people who work within the system and drove interest for all the people who first discovered who they were and what they have done.

The motion graphic video was made for a presentation at their annual event as well as for their website to show and present to others. Our focus was to make sure this animated video was extremely motivating in all ways. We planned to build the motivational feeling starting with a low level of emotion from the beginning of the animation to a very high level of emotion going to the end. This way we were not only able to carry viewers across a story, but we were able to encourage their efforts and motivate to always desire to be great. It was a great opportunity to produce a grand project with the Dothan City School System. I had a great time working with them.

Further to note, this motion graphic presentation went on and won 2 awards from the American Advertising Federation. It won the Silver Plaque Award & The Judges First Choice Award and was presented at the event.

Some of the best assets of motion graphic video are 3 things. Story, Information, Emotion. It’s powerful how you can have a story mainly made up of complex information and still be able to arouse the emotion of your viewers. Of course, it would have to be a great production of motion graphics. But, carrying the viewers along a story and influencing their emotion in the way how it is presented is extremely beneficial for any foundation, company, organization, or charity. It will encourage and build the motivation and pride within all who views, and if there are people who know nothing about you, they will know all about you when they view something as this. Hope this might have been helpful to you in any way. If you need anything similar for your brand or company just contact us!

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