Georgia State University Logo Animation

Art Direction

Motion Graphics



This was a great project we were able to work on and was a lot of fun. Even logo animations can be fun! We produced an animation of the logo for Georgia State University Band! Georgia State University is an education institution based in Atlanta Georgia.

A great university with great studies, events, and much more that they offer. The band of the university was looking to add an introduction to their event and band videos. We were contacted from our previous work and was very happy to produce visuals for them!

When we looked at the university, who they were, and their main goals we focused on delivering a prestigious message when you first watch their videos. So we sketched out a few ideas that we thought were great representations to tell their story in the first 3 seconds. When making a log animation you want to be able to tell the story of the company no later than 3 seconds. It shouldn’t take longer for your viewers and audience to have an idea what and who this could be. Our goal is to always get the viewers to understand who they are and an idea of their purpose through animation. That is what we focused on we were producing the animation of their logo.

We took great use of their color scheme, which was a great combination to use in the animation. In the movements of the different designs and lawyers we focused mainly on how material design is used to understand the feel of the motion. This is an important asset that you can use for more prestigious feeling if your designs have the same type of presentation. This came out very well and it was liked by many and used in many videos.

We also added a bonus piece in the logo animation. These were 3 different animations that they could use on any parts of their videos. They definitely loved the animation and designs we used in motion. If you need a logo animation contact us! We can help you out!

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