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Harbour Space University

I had a great time working with Harbour Space University. We were tasked with many different projects progressing their story throughout the entire video production campaigns in many different ways. All of which helped generate awareness, increase leads,  and develop business initiatives. This is the promo video we created introducing Harbour Space University.

Harbour Space University is an educational institution that focuses on educating their students by teaching skills that are needed for the future in high tech companies. There is a lack of quality and it is difficult for companies to locate talent that is needed in the fields. Harbour Space helps find this talent, hones their skills, and prepares them for the industry. They do this by gathering professionals working in the industry to teach at the institution. This isn’t the same as the tradition education systems, but instead you are learning directly from the source, understanding what the real problems are and knowing what you can do to make a difference. Technology is constantly evolving and there needs to be a way a student can learn new and advanced skills needed for the jobs of the future.

In this promo video we have educators, tech icons, innovators and professionals working in companies like Google, Yandex, and many others. They understand the procedures and what is needed in order to carry out the necessary tasks at a large company. This is what they are teaching at Harbour Space. We focused on giving this understanding within the promo video we created. We did interviews of some of the different professors and industry leaders explaining directly what the issues are and why this is beneficial for this day in time.

Through this production we were able to deliver the message to future students who were interested in progressing their knowledge in their field. The main goal of this promo video was to generate awareness and deliver leads to the university and let others know that there is the next best thing out there creating the next best thing for the future. Getting the right information from the video we were able to deliver it very well to audiences that we targeted and they became interested in the university.

This as well as many other projects we worked on with the institution was a great experience and opportunity! We were able to help develop many strong video campaigns and deliver leads. Creating campaigns can be a task, but it gives you the content foundation you need for your company and brand to be credible while gathering leads perfect for your services. If you need help with any of these just contact us!

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