Harbour Space University - 93 Billion VC Fund Social Video

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A Social Video we produced for Harbour Space University. Harbour Space University is an educational institution located in Barcelona, Spain offering the latest professional high-tech skills needed to perform the tasks companies are in dire need of. The skill set needed for technology is continuously growing, and they have created a plan for many years to come. They focus on teaching master and bachelor courses for students that look to progress their talent and skills by having people who are actually working for these large technology companies to come and teach information from their many years of experience and practice.

The goal was to get people interested in what the largest VC Fund ever would go towards, which are the high-tech skills needed for the technology of tomorrow. Which are the skills that are being taught at Harbour Space. We developed social video content and a video marketing strategy that focused on building awareness, generate leads, and traffic them through the funnel to all the core content and products that are provided at Harbour Space. We wanted that target audience to know what the institution is making a difference in. This social video would encourage the target audience to dive deeper into video content that was made ready to convert future prospects.

Social Videos are very important asset to have among the other video content. These are perfect for building awareness and also driving traffic with your target audience. In this particular social media video, it was informative. We wanted to let people know, Hey, they are investing in the future technology to come. This is what we are teaching, take advantage now so you will be ready!

With this strategy it was a success. Using an Informative Social Video that helps people understand what’s going on and directing the targets to other video content geared for their consideration and conversion phase. This video stratgey guided the target audience safely and smoothly down the funnel. From technology news to skills young professionals need to learn, we created several videos that promote that information. The targeted audience of this particular information had many wanting to know what the university offered which lead to the next stage, consideration.

This was a great project, and again I am glad I could help with guiding and promoting growth to the university. They are an amazing team with innovative members. Glad to have worked with them!

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