Hello Barcelona - ACM ICPC Tour

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This was a promo video for the Hello Barcelona programming competition hosted by the prestigious ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Hello Barcelona is a programming competition created to bring many of the brightest minds together to train and compete with each other. The ACM ICPC is an organization that creates programs and contests specifically for coders and programmers to develop their skills and experience. This major event was held in the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain. In this video we focused on presenting the tour that the competitors went on throughout the beautiful city.

As the end of the competition came near we embarked on a journey from the computers and went out into the vibrant city of Barcelona to introduce the talent to many of the jewels in the Catalonia city. This was a great chance for the contestants to kick back relax and enjoy the area.

In this video I focused on creating something for the students to remember during their intense 2-week period. It would be a great experience for them, and knowing they were able to get a professionally made video out of it for just the memories would be the icing on the cake.

We went throughout the city of Barcelona and went to many of the popular main sites that day. Museo De Catalonia, Estadi Olimpic, Montjuic, La Rambla, and a bus tour throughout the area. I focused on smooth stabilized shots to make for smooth flow. Also, I focused on mostly cinematic landscaped shots. There were different pieces used with time lapse within the tour video as well.

This was a great event to help Harbour Space with and we were able to deliver a great quality video for the tour. This helped on their campaign of the event and lead to many more events to come as well as sponsorships and development of the university establishing itself by delivering education within the high-tech sector. If you are looking for particular video to help promote your event let us know what we can help you with!

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