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This was a great project I worked on with a very talented designer who has tons of creative ideas. This video is a motion graphic presentation showcasing the artwork and paintings of Cristina Tof. Cristina is a German architect and an amazing interior designer with an amazing vision for artwork. This particular animation was to show her travels throughout space. Her artwork represented different planets and different parts through out the solar system, and we animated the video to represent just that. This video was presented at an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain we organized together showcasing her different works of art and paintings. Before the motion graphic video, she gave a speech to tell the story of her travels. Cristina captured the audience with her words, and after her speech they saw the presentation of her travels coming from many different planets all the way to earth! A thrilling ride!

This video wo worked on together using her paintings. We took the designs of each one and I placed them in 3-dimensional space in After Effects. I used the Particular plugin to distribute stars, galaxies, and nebulas throughout the travels of the solar system. Creating the landscape and the environment we then were able to travel from planet to plant showing the different artwork throughout.

This was a great project to work on, but it was more fun working with another inspiring individual as Cristina. Loads and fun and a great performance to remember! You can check out more of her work from her website linked at the top of this page.

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