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The Cunningham Group

Alabama Law Foundation

In this project we worked with The Cunningham group in producing a motion graphic presentation for the Alabama Law Foundation presenting their focus and achievements they made with their many partners. The Alabama Law Foundation is an organization that focuses on making access to justice within the state of Alabama.

We wanted to be able to show the connection of the foundation with people in the community. In this 2-minute motion graphic presentation we used the campaign Coming Together to Make a Difference. The message we wanted to deliver was for the community and the foundations partners. They all work together to help people within the community with any issues dealing with the justice system. Presenting all of them and how they all work together to make this happen was delivering the right message.

We produced the entire piece from Storyboarding, Art Direction, Illustrations, Design, Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics & Animation. We used all these different elements to tell their story and reflect back on the difference they made for many different people. This presentation helped build pride in what they were focused on and pushing towards. We presented the different organizations that are all working together to help change lives for the people they provide their services to. This video presentation was for an event as well as their website.

Working with the Cunningham Group was a great experience they are great team of people and I had a great time producing this video presentation. Motion Graphic Presentations are great when you are telling stories to connect with your audience. This helped their efforts for the people and their partners. If you are interested in having a motion graphic presentation for your event just contact us!

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