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This was a short promo video we produced for the automotive company Stivers Mazda located in Montgomery, Alabama. With this video they wanted to present the qualities and specs of the Mazda CX5 and how it compared at that time.

They were able to use the video on cable television as commercials and on their website to provide information to their target audience. This was (2) 15 second videos we created the design elements and motion graphic animations. We were provided the film and we incorporated all the elements together in the different video spots.

Promo Videos are great to use when you want to present your brand, products, services, creatives or information to your audience. This can be in the form of several kinds of videos. Commercials, Interviews, Creative Videos, Animations, or Motion Graphic Presentations can all play a part in a promo video. In this particular video we wanted to creatively deliver the message from the host speaking when comparing the two automobiles. We decided to use a bit of rotoscoping on both the videos together to begin the comparison. Next we then designed the “Won” scene and moved towards the vehicle that won the highest specifications according to the video.

We do a log of in house work and some of the things we do would be the transition elements with the lines that came after the “won” scene. Then it came to the last scene where it was a lot of information on the automobile. What we decided to do in a short window was keep all the information present one at a time in the outline or style of a winning trophy. We then placed the logo on top of the vehicle to end the first 15 second promo.

In the 2nd promo  we had to incorporated the host’s footage through green screen and use elements from the previous editing to this one. In this particular promo video there were some lighting transitions. Different from the original one. But flowed very well to deliver the sales message being spoken by the host.

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