Mobile World Congress - Event Visuals

Event Visuals

Motion Design


After Effects


This is an animation I produced for the Mobile World Congress event located in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile World Congress is an event when all the largest communication and technology companies to meet with each other and start the year off introducing advancements they made with the new high tech products they have produced. It’s definitely an experience one would want to be part of. This visual we made was used for signage within the congress. We took a creative look at how to animate the designs that were created for the event. So, I want to talk a little more about me and where my creative strategy, story, and thoughts come from.

So I took a step back to feel what the design was meaning. To meet it was connecting through cloud. The way how their designs seemed somewhat as a cloud with stream lines going through or over them. I wanted to get the same effect from a simple kinetic typography animation.

I have to say I really loved the colors that were used. Feels very energetic and innovative. In this entire project I used after effects and all the motion design elements were completely from scratch. I think to keep the juice flowing and if the project isn’t too big. I will focus on my own type of elements than looking for an easy way. I always enjoy the challenge.

This was a great experience to produce animation that would be used during the event. If you want you can also check out my experience at the Mobile World Congress in my blog. Just Click Here. It definitely was an amazing event I have to say.

Thanks guys! Stay In Motion!