OneOcean Port Vell - Super Yachts Social Video

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This Social Video was produced for OneOcean Port Vell located in Barcelona, Spain. OneOcean Port Vell is a world-class marina where luxurious super yachts are located. It’s one of Barcelona’s prime jewels located in the center next to the popular Barceloneta Beach. This social video was created for the “Where are You” campaign to drive engagement and traffic by answering common questions of interest many people have when they see all the amazing yachts in the harbour.

Adding similar videos to their campaign “Where are You” would drive others to take part in many of the activities they have at the harbour. Beyond this we wanted to place an imprint within the Catalonia and Euro region as the best place for luxury super yachts. So from this we developed several social videos as this one. We exposed different events, people, businesses, and yachts that are coming to the Barcelona area and enjoying the port and all the city has to offer.

Social Videos are a great benefit that many can use to promote different things in so many ways. In this case we were being educational focused on topics of the super yachts that always came through. Many of the target audience find interest in this knowledge and this was a way to build awareness and interest those individuals.

The social video proved success from exposing the stories and the high class services and events that many were able to take part of.  By using social media, great quality video, interesting topics, and targeting we gave understanding to the right people of the different provisions OneOcean possesses. This in turn lead through our funnels and was shown through increased engagements, traffic to websites, request & bookings toward events.

It was great working with OneOcean Port Vell on this pretty big social media project. I had an amazing time producing the content for them. Great people to work with!