Crown It Up - Pursue Your Passion Social Video

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This social video was produced for a social media organization called Crown It Up made by motivational influencer Veronica Kelba. Crown It Up is a website that focuses to deliver motivation and inspiration to women in pursing their dreams, passions, and goals. They achieve this by writing short articles of regular women who living throughout daily lives pursing their passion and achieving their dreams. They wanted to deliver information of women that aren’t famous because they want to connect with women of all ages from different areas in a more human way instead of a commercial way. It was more interesting to their viewers when they find information of women they never heard of that went through similar struggles. Along with some of the written articles we created this social video that focused on exposing the women that made a difference in the world. Not particularly famous women. We wanted to let others know that if they can do it you can to!

We gather different information of the women from their written articles, and in the video, we animated between different scenes. With social videos you want to express your main point in few words or sentences to get the main information across. This was an Informative Social Video that helped provide information to their viewers. The goal of this was to gain engagements and traffic to the website. We also wanted those that were most interested to sign up with us through Facebook messenger. That way we could send them videos by chat. This would help increase shares and traffic to the website influencing more sign ups. We used Facebook and Instagram to share the video.

From posting the video and delivering to the right audiences we were able to increase engagements, followers, and traffic to the website. This Informative Social Video was a success towards their target audience.

This was a motivating and great experience working with Crown It Up. Hope to work with them more. If you need help and find this type of strategy interesting for your brand we would love to help just contact us!

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