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We produced this motion graphic presentation for Scott’s Consulting & Associates presenting their services. In this presentation we were showcasing how they help develop the environments of businesses, communities, families, education, and many other types of organizations through consultation. This purpose of this video was to increase the awareness of their company online and during business meetings or presentations. We wanted to show how their services were versatile for many different agencies using different strategies.

We produced all the elements in this video starting from Storyboarding and Art Direction, then designing Illustrations and finally applying motion to the typography and illustrations through motion graphics. We started with outlining the different scenes of the presentation from the message they wanted to deliver to their clients and audiences. First introducing who they were and what they do followed by explaining what their company was designed to help and solve problems in. This way we were able to gather an understanding of who and what audiences they’re services cater too. It also gives the viewer understanding if they can find use in their services.

After presenting why this company exist and who they cater too we went to what services they actually offer. It’s good when you are developing motion graphic presentations to keep the message simple throughout your designs to easily deliver a memorable message. We went an extra step to show how their experience and leadership is used in their services by showcasing what they do in their services that make it much better for their clients. With that we wanted people to know this is what you are getting from what we offer.

After establishing who they are, what they do, who they cater to, and how special their services are. We went to show what skills they have and their mission. We were able to present a lot of information in a simple motion graphic presentation. Whether it is used to present, show on your website, or share to your audiences on social media, this helps to build the awareness you need, especially for your target audience.

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