Tech Icons - Cocktails & Super Yachts

Creative Direction

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This was another great project I was able to work on for one of the best VIP events in Barcelona, Spain. Tech Icons is a private event for tech investors and hot startups to meet and interact with each other during the Mobile World Congress event. The event, only housed in the luxurious OneOcean Port Vell Marina in the heart of Barcelona around multimillion dollar superyachts. The name gives the credibility away. This was a commercial promoting the new Tech Icons event time and location. This was sent to different individuals that were attending the Mobile World Congress.

In this video I focused on delivering a fun energetic vibe. Barcelona is a place many people want to come for vacation and have a great time. It’s only right that your events fit the script of the location. Except in this we wanted more of a classy vibe. With the name itself Cocktails and Superyachts. We wanted to fun, classy, energetic vibe that would connect with many of the Tech Icons on their visit in the Barcelona city. We also used the different colors to spark the feeling and interest of the event.

When creating promotional video content, you want to give the best quality you can to peak the interest of your potential customers. When you are able to connect with them from your material that is when you begin to gather leads interested in what is going on.

This event went very well and the video was presented to the right audience to bring the event to life. Even though an event may be something new. If you create compelling video content, target the right audience, and have a way to deliver the content to a good majority, you will be able to garner the leads you are looking for to make an impact from your event. If you need any help creating promotional video content or marketing your videos contact us!

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