One License, Full Use. When you purchase a product on Motion Arts Media it comes with a Full Usage License. With this license you can use any product you purchase or download from us in as many Projects as you want, and for as many Clients as you want. The only thing you can not do is share, resell, transfer, or distribute the actual product and it's individual files.

Please read Product Licensing Agreement for more information.


Unlimited Use

All our products come with Full Usage License. Meaning each product, you can use in a limitless amount of projects, for a limitless amount of clients or companies.

Global Use

You can distribute your FINAL VIDEO/PROJECT anywhere, online and offline. Once you have the Full Usage License you can distribute a project in different countries across different continents

Continuous Use

Once you purchase our Full Usage License you can continuously use it with any of our products for no charge or additional fees. Our Full Usage License lasts forever.

Duplication Use

The Full Usage License allows you to produce unlimited copies of your project. Whether the end user is charged or not for your FINAL VIDEO/PROJECT is completely up to you!


free item's license

Our Free Item’s License has all the same rules as the Full Usage License with one additional thing we ask - Please give proper attribution to our platform for the free product by providing a link back to the source.