20 Video Styles That Always Engage Viewers

Video Styles

Have you ever wondered what video would be best to use for so many different types of situations? If you ever thought of this it leads you to wownder what other types of videos are produced? And why?

Of course, It would be a bit boring to just use one type of video every time. Viewers tend to have more interest on a brand that uses a set of different video styles that work well with the brand.

To help you out I have compiled a list of all the different kinds of video content many create and publish online to engage their viewers.


Event Videos

An Webs Summit Event video focused on connecting the tech community.

Have something going on at a specific time or specific place, and you want to show it off to the world? Well this is the best video you want to make for that purpose. Event videos help present and show everything that’s going on. Usually it consists of a lot of side shots showing as well as interviews from the people taking part in the event whether they are hosting or experiencing the event.

Now the Web Summit event video above might be a bit much for someone to produce. But you can also keep it very simple and easy to understand when promoting with an event video as this one below.

Tech Icons event video during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain.

You can make these videos very creative to give viewers a wow effect by using the right equipment and editing the best way to tell the story. Showing smiling faces to capture laughter and joy throughout the event video. Finally showing the best parts of the events would set the video up for success. So be sure to keep a schedule and think proactively when filming.



Product & Presentation Videos

TED Talks is an great platform that has plenty of videos where people are presenting all kinds of things.

Everyone loves presentations, especially when it’s something they are interested in. Whether it’s for inspiration, education, or just interesting. The best way to make a presentation video is to plan the presentation before hand with the presenter, have a set amount of time to present, and have the necessary equipment to film from the best angles.

If you do not have this luxury, then what you can do is either film the entire presentation from the best possible angle with the best lighting and upload directly online, or you can keep the presentation short and only include the best parts. So, for this matter it’s best to know what your viewers like best from the presentations you will film.



Live Stream

Live videos have become very popular thanks to social media. If you have access to a lot of followers or friends you will be able to get many to engage with what you are delivering. There are many benefits of live video because it’s all in real-time, the way you get to interact with your users and your users interacting with each other at times. It also gives a sense of urgency because it’s something that’s going on right now.

Social Media Platforms that include live video streaming are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, and many others. Now Live video is able to be used through many apps. If you ever have something very interesting that your audience would engage with try it out on a simple live stream and post it later on!



Interview Videos

Here is a strong promo video that uses interviews to introduce the way design is disrupting the tech industry.

No matter what kind of story or message you are trying to deliver, interviews have a way of delivering personality along with it. People connect with people and when viewers see interviews on any type of subject they have interest in there is immediate engagement. The biggest thing you want to focus on with interview videos would be the topic and asking the right questions. It would be a shame if the interview were boring with non-interesting questions.

Along with asking the right questions you want to have good quality as well. Clear sound, crisp image, good information. This will make interviews attractive and very engaging to your audience. Your viewers would love you for creating this type of video content that answers their questions and look great while doing it!



Behind The Scenes (BTS) Videos

Spike Jonze's Apple Ad for HomePod Behind the scenes video!

Behind the scenes videos are for the real people or fans that you know will want more. If you want you can excite them more by making a BTS of the BTS! Kidding, but it would give your die-hard viewers a nice laughing trip. Here you can give them knowledge and cool info on what it really took creating or doing whatever it is you are presenting. Viewers will have a better memory of your message from viewing BTS videos as they are already interested. But beyond that they will be more enticed into sharing your content.

This level of engagement is where you want to be with any type of video content. When you have the viewers who really enjoy what you are doing and would love to know. Give them a surprise BTS treat. They will love it.




Animation produced by Buck Design for David Blaine’s performance.

Animations are videos that present designs and images moving and telling a story. The thing about animations is that there are so many different types of animations that you can create. Of course, all the different types are used best for different purposes.


Animations created for music videos give an amazing feeling to the message.

You can make animated videos into motion graphic presentations, explainer videos, gifs, and more. Animations can help tremendously on 2 things. One, they help to make complex information more fun and easier for your users to understand. Two, animations are great to use when telling stories! Whether it’s 2D or 3D animation style, these are 2 aspects where it shines at.



Motion Graphic Presentations

Motion Graphic Presentation Video Style I produced describing how chemistry helps to provide energy.

Motion Graphics are animations of designs, shapes, and letters is usually a 2D environment. But it can incorporate 3D elements or have the 3D look. Most the time Motion Graphics are used for compositing designs and animating them. Motion Graphics are best used for Presentations or Television and are the best way to make information easy to understand while being very pleasing and attractive to watch.

Usually this uses 2D animation with animated text and uses design to present information. So, when you want people to really understand numbers, data, and a lot of info this would be best to present for your viewers. The last thing anyone wants to watch is a very complex video. So, make it easy for them!



Explainer Videos

A Great example of an amazing explainer video!

Explainer videos are a type of motion graphics animation that helps deliver information about a business or helps break down the use of a product or service. The key is to make this very memorable for the viewers. This video content works well for companies that have product that provides users a type of experience.

Some users may not know all the ways they can use something unless it’s presented to them. It would be complicated to talk it through, so the best way is to give an animation. Show how this works and how you can use it to better your experience.



Animated Gifs


Gifs are small looped videos or animated images. They are a driving force of visuals online. Today users can use them in text messages, stories, and much more. Some gifs come from tv shows, movies, or sports that help create a specific emotion.

A lot of gifs that I make are more animated as you see below. Animated gifs are the same as all gifs, just with motion graphics and animations in them. It’s become easier for people to create their own gifs. The more creative animated gifs would be more complicated to make.


Gifs are used to express one’s feelings towards anything directly in that moment. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your viewers & users in a way that other video content cannot. It helps to identify what your users like, what they want, and why they want to share. Because people can view it and use it in so many different ways across so many different apps.

The trick about making gifs is making it for the purpose of being used. When you make gifs whether it be animated or using footage there has to be a feeling that is expressed for others to say, “Hey! I feel just like this!” and share it. Sharing gifs is equivalent to word of mouth, so be sure to add your logo or credentials. Many will remember your name and many will search for you!



Product Reviews

iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max? Product review from UrAverageConsumer who does great, clean, professional product videos.

One of the best ways companies sell products is through product reviews. It’s better than any other kind of review out there when it comes to any kind of product a customer can use. Most people would rather watch a video of a product that read about it. Along with that more people are willing to purchase a product after they watch a video about it.

To top it all off, YouTube is the main place where people would search to find a review on a product. With this said if you have any type of product that people can use, you should definitely make use of YouTube, give the points on how to use it, and its benefits. But to make a proper product review means you should allow other users to use it and give their opinions pointing out the good and maybe not so much the bad.




One of my favorite vloggers of all time, Casey Neistat, creates a video of him snowboarding in the streets of New York City.

Vlogs are videos of one particular person’s set of events, opinions, thoughts, and experiences. People who create good vlogs become great online personalities for constant viewers. Mainly because of their personality.

It helps separate the immense amount of content on the internet. Just imagine if there were no vlogs. It would be pretty boring. Vlogs are the best way to present personality. In fact, that’s why people end up subscribing to certain vlogs, not just because of the information, but because people enjoy watching them. They’re the only ones that can do it too.

Another one of my favorites in vlogging. Philip Defranco talks about taking his to the next level.

This is why companies don’t really have vlogs. Because it has a much more personal approach than presenting information and products alone. This is why companies would rather spend money on other vloggers to review their products. Giving their products proof and credibility amongst man potential buyers by having a personality people trust giving their opinions.

Overall this type of video content is good for showing off your interests, your experiences, and your thoughts or opinions. Whether you want to express that through products, travel, events, absolutely anything. The only thing that stands here is people get to see and connect directly with the real you.



Tutorial Videos

I always enjoy watching tutorials from Visual Effects Designer & Animator, Andrew Kramer.

One of the main types of videos searched for are always tutorials and How To videos. When you create content that helps or teaches someone how to achieve a task you earn the trust of your viewer. Especially if the quality of your tutorial is great and has a uniqueness towards it. Many people don’t enjoy watching tutorials when the quality is low or maybe when the voice sounds like a robot. Well if you can pull off the robot voice just right it will work. I’ve seen some pretty good ones.

Many people also don’t enjoy that the video is long. Although there are reasons for this. Most people don’t have to the time and need to get straight to the point. Then there are many youtubers that tell stories or jokes that have nothing to do with what viewers want. So, in my opinion I would say if you tell a story stay as relevant as possible, keep it as short as possible, great quality, and a nice clear voice that’s not so robot-like.




A webinar is a live web conferencing event held over the internet. Webinars have become a great way for you to connect with viewers in a great way. When you create a webinar, it should be made for the purpose of providing something whether it be information or education. People that have strong interest in particular topics would enjoy hearing info from a different point of view with the hopes of learning something new.

This is a great type of video content you can use to host for events, then after a while after the event you can share with your subscribers of who weren’t able to join. Also, you can gain more email subscribers by providing access to your free webinar. They work as great tools to gather leads, know who you are, and get interested in what you are doing.



Testimonial Videos

A very well produced testmonial video produced by Joy Rahat Branding

Testimonial videos are a very effective type of video content that speaks to all your leads. Testimonial Videos are simple interview videos where an individual shares information of their experience with a product or service. Viewers that are interested can get a better understanding of how the product can help them.


Video Testimonial of the Phelps Agency

But, again, be sure to ask the right questions that will answer the viewers questions! This is a very important piece to consider in Testimonial Videos. Now the testimonial video is still worth it even if you don’t have the best questions but have very important answers. Although it would be a pain to think about something that would be best to have in the testimonial video after it’s already produce. Be sure to plan ahead and get user reviews and experiences!



Gaming Videos

Gaming videos have become very very popular as the video game industry continues to grow.

Gaming videos are videos of players showing their experience playing video games. This is also a very big arena with particular users that engage heavily with this type of content. Today it can be almost any kind of video game, and viewers watch to learn techniques or strategies of a particular game. Some also watch just to see competitions, funny events, and just to see others show off.

In the video game industry there are a lot of users, and with this means there are people who also give reviews while playing the video game itself. Video Game Vloggers with a good amount of followers would make videos to review their experience, or host an event with some their followers in particular games. If you are very interested in gaming on any platform this is a good way to be part of the community. Make sure you have a good way to screen record on your system, and take it up a notch by giving your promotional game videos cool effects!



Comedy Videos

One of the most hilarious comedy videos online in this day and time!

Comedy videos are a strong attention getter, as long as it is actually funny. Many even make compilation videos out of sets of comedic events. This is sure to get you shares, engagements, and everything else that comes with it. If it's a great comedy video it has a lot of opportunity to become viral. But there are efforts that need to be made to make it viral.

To make this kind of videos you need to look over your reason and purpose of making a comedy video. If it fits to what you are trying to do, write a small story or script. Next you want to get your acting skills on point and film it. There are ways to incorporate comedy videos not just for personal goals but also company goals. But, most comedy videos from companies are corny and not even funny. So, you want something very natural that people can relate to when it comes to this type of video content.



Travel Videos

Amazing travel video styles!

Videos that show awesome footage of your travel experience into new places! Everyone likes watching travels videos of the places they would love to make a dream visit. You are sure to get a lot of attention with this type of video. This video content is engaging, shareable, and very desired amongst many viewers. The only thing you want to be sure of is to film great quality footage of your experience. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the better quality the better your engagement.

Priceless places filmed in its natural setting in the best way get priceless responses and engagements. When filming travel videos you want to plan ahead and have the necessary equipment with you. Beyond this it makes it better if the equipment you are carrying is very convenient to use in any type of situation. When you gather all the footage editing is very important part to tell you story of the travel, whether it’s in the form of a vlog or just a simple travel video. Correct the colors, and great transitions, and use nice music.



Educational Videos

Khan Academy produces tons of educational videos in every subject!

Educational Videos are videos that provide knowledge and technical practice on a particular topic, and sometimes with that may be a certificate of some kind. A bit different from tutorials, educational videos have more value and most the time have a cost that comes with it. But, if you are creating material for viewers that want to dive deeper into what you are teaching in any type of industry you should consider creating educational videos.

Viewers are always attracted to videos providing education on a particular field or advanced use of a product. If you have advanced knowledge and want to share this in a way that people can use it for themselves professionally, then this would be great video content for you to use. Offering this to people who are interested and serious about the profession.



Q&A Videos

Popular Q&A video answering common questions for job interviews.

Q&A Videos are a great way to communicate with your leads on potential questions they may have towards your service, product, or anything. Even if it’s just to engage your audience and not a product Q&A videos work wonders.


GQ does a Q&A with Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott. Nothing serious, but for the specific audience it can pull a lot of attraction.

When you know that there are many users that have many of the same questions you can share information of these different questions in a video very simply. You can do this by filming yourself, or you can do this by have the question on the screen and answer the question with your voice.

Either way it instills a type of care in your users that you have. You haven’t forgot about them to the point where you made a video to help them. They will be grateful and enjoy the content. If your Q&A video is a bit long would be great to include a layout of questions and what time those questions will start in the video!



Viral Videos

One of the most amazing viral videos online that was produced by a brand.

Viral Videos are videos that gets tons of views, engagements, shares, and comments continuously. This type of video is shared tremendously and provides a large amount of growth. Any video could essentially be or become a viral video if it has the right material and is presented to a large portion of the right audience that will engage and share it.

Viral Videos help reach more of your digital marketing goals. Because the amount of traffic or purchases that could come with it can expose you to immediate success if done correctly for the right purpose. With video being the best way to engage with viewers more than any other topic it makes sense that videos can go viral. Today many have broken down the art of creating viral videos and the best ways on making them.



Social Videos

A Social Video is a blog made in the form of a video using footage and images. You take the most important points of a blog and fit them into a video as an image slideshow. The main purpose of social videos would be to bring awareness to your brand.

They are a great way to provide information directly to your audience on social media. Many companies take advantage of social videos because they are also quite easy for your viewers to share them if they support the content.


When creating social videos, you want to make sure you are creating it for the right audience to view. They work very well on social media for mobile users as well. Most viewers will watch these videos without even listening to the sound unless they absolutely have to. The information it provides is engaging enough. Just make sure the information it’s relevant to the viewers you are trying to reach.



Promotional Videos

Dollar Shave Club’s amazing promotional video.

A Promotional video or a promo video is a video that promotes your business, products, or services. This type of video can present anything in a creative or structured way. Sometimes this kind of video is called a “Hero Video”. The purpose of this type of video is to build awareness with their audience and get viewers interested in who they are and what they do.

Some promotional videos are very creative, and what I mean by that is that they aren’t even talking about what they do. They present emotions that connect with the audiences and show their logo at the end. These are very powerful promotional videos, or Hero Videos, exposing the reason why they exist, their mission, and vision in power messages. It takes time to come up with the why of your company, and the creative to produce into a video. But once you have it, you have a powerful piece that can connect directly with the audience you are speaking to.



Now what would be great is to choose any of these different video styles that would be great for your brand's marketing strategy. As I said at the beginning of the post, many people would be very interested in a brand with many different types of video styles.

Hope you found this helpful, and if you know any other video styles not listed here let me know in the comments!

Stay in Motion!