6 Facebook Video Tips to Optimize Mobile Engagements

Hi guys! Here we are coming from our previous blog post, 13 STEPS FOR FACEBOOK VIDEO SUCCESS, to focus on Mobile Optimization Strategy for video engagements on mobile. Videos can be complicated at times to create. A lot of people prepare video content that is not mobile ready, and it is very important to know a few things before you start making video content that you want to share to your audience or anyone for that case.

The average consumer spends 5 hours a day on mobile devices. Stats show that 19% of this time is spent browsing Facebook.

Here are a few quick tips to help you stay a step ahead:

1. Share quality video content:

Share Your Video Content

It’s a common misconception that regular posting will get you more organic reach. This is not the case. You have to post videos that can capture the attention of the audience. Your video should be highly relevant and most importantly, shareable.

Ensure that the video you create is something the audience cares about. Avoid misleading content and stay true to the title. One valuable post is worth more than 3 normal posts.

An easy way to get you on track to planning the right video for your audience is by understanding them and the customer journey they are in. We have explained in detail on How To Create The Right Video For The Right Moment.

2. Go with the Trend:

Follow Trends

Post video content that’s related to events or trending stories that’s picking up pace at that period.

People love to see content that’s happening at that moment and is in the now.

Trending topics are always ranked higher and this serves as a definite opportunity to capitalize on.

3. Use the Square format for your videos:

According to Stats by Wochit, the share of square videos increased every quarter of the year, growing from 26% of all videos in Q1 to 50% in Q4.

A Study done by Buffer Social, says that Square videos take up 78% more real estate in mobile newsfeed that landscape video. Videos in these formats take up the most space of every post during a scroll. It also makes your post more visually appealing when you have really good content.

4. Keep videos short:

Users move quickly on mobile so it’s critical to engage them immediately. Focus on quick attention capturing videos. This should help grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the rest of the video. 47% of the Value of Facebook Video Ads Happens in the First 3 Seconds.

If you have a longer version, you can trim it down and upload the short version made for facebook directly to the platform with a link in your post to watch the full video.

5. Design videos for Sound-off:

Video without Sound

According to Sprout Social, 85% of Facebook Users Watch Videos With the Sound Off. Ensure that your videos don't need sound in order to be understood.

Adding some captioning to the videos can help with increased views too. 

Make use of Facebook’s Automated Captioning tool available in Ads Manager.

6. Use Facebook Livestream to keep your videos more engaging and personal:

Facebook Live

The live element of videos is very appealing to people. Also note that livestream videos when done are still recorded on to your page. Facebook found that live videos are watched three times longer during the actual stream than the replay.

Any more tips for getting more value out of your Facebook video content? Please share your tips with your fellow readers in the comments.  

Stay In Motion!