Video Marketing Along the Customer Journey

The key to a successful video marketing campaign is content, targeting and timing.

It is all about creating the perfect video content plan to be there at critical decision moments. Replacing an image with a video on a landing page increases conversions by 12.62%. We at Motion Arts Media, have mapped out a Customer Journey that we follow to ensure that our campaign is perfectly run and targeted to the right people for our clients. 


1. Awareness Stage

customer awareness

At this stage, the audience knows nothing about your brand. The aim of this stage is to bring awareness about the product to the target audience.

The video should focus on building brand recognition and creating a connection. It’s all about elevating that brand image and fostering strong brand affinity amongst the audience.

Content that relates to the audiences’ core values will ensure a strong engagement and create resonance amongst its viewers.

Suggested Video types

Brand promotions, infographics, Short videos on Social media and Influencer Videos

Key Metrics

Video views, Shares, Reactions, Retweets, Likes   

2. Engagement Stage

customer engagement

At this stage, the audience will consider your brand. You have shown them that you understand and relate to them. Now you have to reassure them that you are the right choice and establish solid trust. 

This can be seen as an education stage; you educate the audience about the brand. This should be seen as a pathway to lead them to Conversion.

Suggested Video types

Explainer videos, How-to tutorials and webinars

Key Metrics

Time spent watching the video, Rate of video completion

3. Conversion Stage

customer journey conversion

The goal here is to persuade your potential customers to take an action and help them dispel any remaining doubts about your product. They’ve done the research and are more knowledgeable about what you offer. This is their decision stage. 

You have to convince people of your potential.

Video is an effective conversion tool and Emotion is a strong factor in decision making. The two combined, can help pull your audience into it and connect with them, helping them make a choice.

Suggested Video types

Customer testimonials and Reviews, Unboxing videos, Q & A Sessions

Key Metrics

Sign ups, Purchases from Sales/Shoppable videos

4. Retention Stage


This stage is all about keeping the customers that have been with you through the above stages. It is all about inspiring and educating the customers. 

Since customers are now invested in your product and trust you, they are willing to spend more time watching your videos. This scenario enables you to have more flexibility when it comes to the length of the video. 

Suggested Video types

Tutorials, On-boarding videos, How-to series for related products, New product launch, Vlogs, Live-streaming

Key Metrics

Growth in video shares, Total product launch and customer support videos watched

5. Advocacy Stage


At this stage, customers love your brand. The are not only loyal or make repeat purchases from you but they also promote your brand. They become advocates of your brand. The customers will be keen to tell everyone about your brand, hence, videos at this stage must be created by keeping the ‘share-ability’ factor in mind. 

User generated content will come into play here. Customers will start writing reviews, creating and sharing your videos and content. They will help create awareness and probably start the buying cycle for new customers. 

Suggested Video Types

Shareable video content, inspirational videos, company news and culture videos.

Key Metrics

Total user-generated video content, Video shares.


Video Marketing is all about timing. It is about getting the right video out there at the right time. Understand your customer persona and map the journey out accordingly.

Good luck and Stay In Motion!

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