7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Videos Online

Online Video

1. Convey your story

Videos help you tell a story and people love a good story. The key to successful video marketing is connecting with your audience and taking them through the journey of your brand.

Creative Story

Use this opportunity to explain your product, your brand history and how you are the right choice for the audience. Using design and branding with the content in your videos strengthens your identity so viewers know who you are.

On a great post we have explained in detail How Videos can Differ Along The Customer Journey.



2. Shareability

Make videos that are shareable. People love sharing content that resonates with them. Capitalize on this to get your content out to the people.

Video Shares

Sharing videos can be seen as a modern version of word-of-mouth. This involves trust amongst the parties which in turn can result in a positive result for your brand.

Simply Measured discovered that videos are shared 1200% more than both links and texts combined.



3. Videos increase conversion rates

According to Vidyard, Video Marketing has better ROI and conversion rates compared to other types of content marketing.

Video Conversion

Create short promotional product videos to promote your product and stand to have a higher chance of your audience converting to a purchase.

Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%! - Source



4. Improved SEO ranking

Quality and relevant videos on your website can help drive your SERP and click through rates up.

Video Stats

Make sure that the videos on your webpage relate to the content around it. If your web page visitors see that the video is not what they were looking for or expected it to be, your SEO Ranking will sink.

According to Forrester study, pages with video are 53x more likely to rank first on google.

A lower bounce rate can also contribute to your SEO rankings and ensure that your website has quality and relevancy, keeping your ranking up.



5. Increased Retention

Videos help capture the audience’s attention. With videos, your audience will stay on your web pages longer. This in turn can help lower bounce rates.

video retention

Videos are also very visual & auditory which makes it easy to remember. Hubspot reported 80% of customers remember what they’ve watched within the last month. As people remember your video content they remember your brand and this increases your leads & sales.



6. Performs well on Devices

Mobile is huge and it will only get bigger. It is growing 100% every year according to Youtube. Video content is great for all devices and visitors will want to watch a video before they read information on your website.

video devices


7. Testimonial videos can establish Credibility

Trust and credibility are two factors that every company or brand needs.

video testimonial

The easiest and quickest way to establish this is by using Testimonial videos that show the users that have purchased your product or are genuinely happy with it.

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