Using Video Content In Your Digital Marketing Strategies


When you are looking to drive sales, you want to be in the best position with the best content ready for your target audience. Most importantly you want to have the best marketing strategy to present your content and promotions to your target audience. It’s important to know, or have an idea, of how you would create campaigns, target your audience, promote on specific channels, use the best content, and measure your results to know if it drives sales.

Once you have a plan that gives positive results you can use this strategy every time of the year for your company. We want to present how we would deliver a working digital marketing strategy using social animations to drive sales! Let’s go to the breakdown

Plan Your Strategy

What is the business and target audience? Know your business, what you offer, and what target audience wants what you are offering. You need this to know what you are promoting to the audience, and the best way to deliver the right social animation that represents the brand and services.

Video Strategy

What is the goal? Do we want to build awareness? Drive sales? How long should this run? What will we use? Where will we use it? We need to outline a simple strategy that answers all these questions.


What Should we use in our Video? Start creating concepts or outlining creative thoughts or ideas that are relevant with your target audience. After gathering your thoughts and ideas, research online and find out what others are using to engage with similar audiences. You can take those ideas and search them in any and all social media platforms and find the proof of how and why it's working with their audiences.  Write down thoughts and ideas to produce this in the video. We need to be sure to take advantage of the best possible content that is available to us in order to help drive the sales that we want.


Where do we publish our campaigns? Where will your target audience and what do they mainly use online? Some of the channels that we use for our videos would be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Giphy, and others. But, it’s more important to know what channel your audience is using actively and understanding this you will know where you could publish your content more effectively.

Video Content Plan

How will we measure results & accomplishments? There are several ways to track data from views, engagements, clicks, and conversions. Most of the time it really depends on your targets and channels. To give some examples, Facebook Insights and Business manager help provide great information of analytics on your videos. Instagram provides the same information on the app and through Facebook business manager.


Social Media platforms have will have the data you can analyze to understand how your content is engaging with others. Another important way to track your results and accomplishments is through Google Analytics. With GA (Google Analytics) you can link your content with custom campaign URLs. This way google can track who is clicking on the links, which campaign is being clicked on, with a host of information on the users that can help you better optimize performance of your video content. Creating a way to make sure you reach your goals and gather results let's you know if this strategy is working and how is it working. Or, it can help you understand how you can tweak it to make it better or use the strategy annually.

I will walk you through how we develop a strong working digital marketing strategy. For this example, let’s use a company called The Water Park that is looking to increase sales from families in the summer. They want to use video content to reach their audience, and let's use social animation videos.  These are fun short simple animations that are great for families to see.

  1. Business: The Water Park

  2. Target Audience: Families and Teens

  3. Goal: Increase awareness and engagements of sales and promotions towards families by marketing promotions throughout the summer on special holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Lemonade Day, Labor Day)

  4. Create Concepts & Outlines: Create simple animation of water rides, concessions, enjoying the sun, pools, and the best and most loved experiences at the water park. Present the appropriate pieces on the holiday that best relates with it.

  5. Content: Social Animation

  6. Channel: Facebook

  7. Strategy: Boost on Facebook and send to our subscribers in emails

    • Current Subscribers – Send email with offer value by first sharing this video on facebook.

    • New Subscribers: Get these people to signup from the boost and shares from previous users by clicking on the link, signing up, and receive an offer of value. After signing up and accepting the offered value, send another email to receive a free treat at concessions of their choice by first sharing the video in any channel with links in the email.

  8. Measuring Tools: Facebook Insights or Business Manager and Google Analytics

  9. Analyze Results & Accomplishments: Gathering shares, engagements, and emails from new subscribers in your campaign.

Target Your Audience

Next, we would target the audiences, or the families, that are best who would take advantage of the promotion. Facebook Business Manager would be the best place to create your specific audience for your offer. We would go into the audience insights and target our audience by selecting the right segments to focus on marketing towards parents and teenagers.

Target Audience

Produce & Track Your Video Content

Next you want to start producing the videos needed for the summer campaign, deliver an email to all your current email subscribers, have a way to gather your signups and emails, automate email replies to share the video, add tracking urls to all the content that is shared through google analytics. 


Publish and Share Your Content

When we create the post, we want to correctly link everything with the campaign tracking url from google analytics. Send to your subscribers and share across your social media channels. 

Gather Your Results

Pull all your information together to see what is working or what isn’t working. View where people came from and what campaigns urls were used. Check your channels and measure the campaigns from all the platforms you are using to see how it is working and manage who all have signed up. You will know what has been accomplished by acquiring emails, delivering values, or tracking where people are clicking and purchasing through these platforms.

This is a creative and strategic layout we use with all of our video content. This is a very effective method to follow and create engaging video content that makes your company and brand very unique, setting you apart from all of your competitiors in a impactful way. Being able to produce and share something fresh, trendy, relevant, consistant, and execute it in a way that is engaging builds credibility in your entire brand and trust with you audiences. Follow these steps to create a campaign that could be used every year, and keep your brand ready for any opportunity that arrives!

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